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Institute of Vocational Education Studies (IVES)

The Institute for Vocational Education Research (IVES) is a scientific research institute established under Decision No. 730 / QĐ-VHV of the Union of Vietnamese Associations of Science and Technology. Application form A-1229 issued by Ministry of Science and Technology Vietnam.

The Institute for Vocational Education Research (IVES) has functions and duties:

+Professional research: implementing the project topics, applying and developing advanced vocational training models for Vietnam. Consulting, evaluating and transferring results of scientific and technological research. Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to carry out Ives mission.

+ Education and training: Ives language training, vocational training, study abroad in Germany and cultural exchange programs in Germany.

+ Trade promotion activities: It is the commercial intermediary that promotes the circulation of goods and organizes trade promotion events such as exhibitions, seminars and trade fairs..

Since its inception, Ives has been carrying out activities related to education as well as vocational education in Vietnam, contributing to improving and improving the quality of vocational education and training system. Create home country. In addition, Ives cooperates with a number of units and organizations at home and abroad to learn about the vocational training models of Germany and Japan … applying and transferring research results to the applications. Domestic and foreign partners. Ives paid special attention to the program “Dual Training” – parallel learning model and practice of Germany. This is used to create high quality human resources to meet the needs of the domestic as well as foreign markets as the opportunities for work of overseas Vietnamese are more and more open..

Ives is headquartered in Hanoi, which has the most important, dynamic, social, economic, political and social environment in the country, thus promoting a team of scientists, Ives’ staff is always striving to meet the needs of developing a comprehensive education system.

Institute of Vocational Education Studies (IVES)
Head office: 131 Au Co – Tu Lien Ward – Tay Ho District – Hanoi
Director: TS. Dang Duc Dam
Tel: (+84) 4 3 203 6789
Website: http://ives.vn

Account number 027704060084786 at Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Transaction office VIB 49 Au Co – Tay Ho, Hanoi.